Our Staff

Our Staff

Meet the faces behind Tribe! Our team is building the tools and programming to help entrepreneurs and professionals like you access everything you need to succeed.

CEO & Founder of Tribe Network

Founder and CEO

Alfred Burgesson

Born in Ghana and raised in Nova Scotia, Alfred is a thoughtful leader who enjoys social entrepreneurship and is passionate about building bridges between people, places and ideas.

Alfred’s unique talents include convening leaders, and an ability to launch grassroots movements and coalitions while utilizing digital tools and technology platforms.

Connect with Alfred: alfred@tribenetwork.ca

Operations Manager

Deborah Sanni 

Deborah is a Nigerian with Yoruba roots, but grew up shuffling between the Republic of Benin, Nigeria, and Kenya.

Deborah is passionate about helping people and providing avenues for them to explore their fullest potential and be their best selves. Her career started in kinesiology and disability management, after which she transitioned into HR and worked in operations.

Connect with Deborah: deborah@tribenetwork.ca

Project Manager

Jordan Banyan

Born a Florida native of Latino and Desi mixed-race heritage, Jordan was raised across the United States and Canada. Jordan is a social entrepreneur who remains committed and engaged in social development projects in relation to the Canadian BIPOC community.

Jordan’s multifaceted background and experience as an American immigrant in Canada allow him to be aware of situations that can be leveraged to provide recourses and a much-needed feeling of empowerment for underserved communities. 

Connect with Jordan: jordan@tribenetwork.ca

Startup Services Manager

Lily Lynch 

A passionate white and Afro-Mi’kmaw woman who works to support and co-create sustainable and prosperous communities through social entrepreneurship.

In her work and life, Lily aims to encourage and catalyze further opportunities for all communities to build cross-cultural appreciation and empathy.

Connect with Lily: lily@tribenetwork.ca or book a meeting here.

Marketing & Communications Lead, Holly Edmonds

Marketing & Communications Manager

Holly Edmonds 

A proud member of te Whānauā-Apanui and Ngāti Porou, and an immigrant in Canada. Having lived half her life in Aotearoa (New Zealand) and Canada, Holly brings the unique perspective of an immigrant and Indigenous woman.

Holly is passionate about empathetic and human approaches to communications and marketing that make information and opportunities more accessible for everyone.

Connect with Holly: holly@tribenetwork.ca

Ecosystem Coordinator (Intern)


Ebenezer grew up in the Ashanti Regional capital, Kumasi, the second largest city in Ghana. He’s currently pursuing a Master of Technology, Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

He is passionate about helping entrepreneurs in the BIPOC ecosystem succeed with the knowledge and expertise he has acquired from the MTEI program.

Connect with Ebenezer: ebenezer@tribenetwork.ca

Photo of Ebenezer smiling at the camera
Profile photo of Ngutor Ikpaahindi, Venture Analyst Intern for Tribe Network.

Venture Analyst (Intern)

Ngutor Ikpaahindi

Born in Lagos, Nigeria, but raised in Abuja. Ngutor moved to Canada to study the Master of Technology Entrepreneurship and Innovation (MTEI) at Saint Mary’s University Sobey School of Business.

He is passionate about building and operating technology-enabled companies. This passion drove him to learn and understand not just the technology and operations component of startups, but also the financing component. He is fascinated by Venture Studios and would like to run one in Nigeria.

Programming Intern

Breanna Husbands 

Breanna was born, raised, and educated in Barbados, but moved to Nova Scotia to obtain her Bachelor of Science.

Breanna has a strong science background, and with the importance of business and entrepreneurship in her family, she has always had a passion for both. The encouragement and business development of those who share her ancestry give her joy and optimism.

Profile photo of Breanna Husbands, Programming Intern for Tribe Network

Venture & Finance Intern

Katerina Msafari

Katerina is from the capital city of Nairobi, Kenya and moved to Canada to pursue the Master of Technology Entrepreneurship and Innovation program at Saint Mary’s University.

As a startup and venture capital enthusiast, Katerina is passionate about helping businesses scale by finding the right financing avenues. She is dedicated to continuing to make a meaningful impact in the industry and assisting businesses to achieve their full potential.