Black Start-Up Project 2022

Welcome to Black Start-Up Project!

We’re providing Black entrepreneurs access to resources and programming designed for us, by us.

Black Start-Up Project Overview

Tribe Network’s Black Start-Up Project is a unique program to provide Black entrepreneurs and business owners in Atlantic Canada with access to services and opportunities in the entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem to help START, BUILD and ACCELERATE their business. This program provides Black entrepreneurs and business owners in Atlantic Canada with access to education and training, access to capital, mentorship & coaching and opportunities in the entrepreneurship & innovation ecosystem. We currently have over 280 Black entrepreneurs registered across Atlantic Canada!

All entrepreneurs have different needs. Our various streams will help entrepreneurs access supports relevant to the industry and stage they’re at.


With dedicated time and space to grow their skills and build out their business idea over a 12-week period, START program participants will participate in expert-led, intensive workshops and training sessions.

For aspiring entrepreneurs or early-stage founders with an entrepreneurial ambition and/or potential scalable product or service idea for a target market.

What You Can Expect

Bi-weekly workshops led by industry experts

On a bi-weekly cadence, we’re hosting expert-led intensive workshops and training sessions on topics essential to starting and growing your business. Stay tuned for more details on facilitators who will be joining us!

Peer-to-peer community networking sessions

Connect with other program participants in a safe and confidential space to discuss any questions you may have pertaining to entrepreneurship, your business idea, training/content and more.

START Program Curriculum

The 12-week START program combines virtual workshops and networking sessions with our online learning platform to help you put those skills into practice. This program helps you build the skills and confidence to position your business for success alongside other Black founders.

Here’s everything we’ll cover in our workshops over the next few weeks.

Learn everything you need to know about Tribe Network’s upcoming 12-week Start program and network with Black entrepreneurs across Atlantic Canada.

Event highlights:

  • Afrocentric grounding with Dr. Sahu
  • Fireside chat with Ross Simmonds
  • Introduction to ACOA by Amanda Sparkes
  • Summary of our Atlantic Roadshow report, From the Ground Up.

Get started in creating your own business model, and learn key business concepts and practical tips like how to register your business.

Key objectives we’ll cover:

  • Researching viable business opportunities
  • Business models and structures
  • Business registration/incorporation
  • Initial financing of the business

Is your business solving customer needs? Learn how to solve your customers’ needs and validate your business idea.

Key objectives we’ll cover:

  • Lean Business Model Canvas
  • Identifying your business purpose
  • Building your team

The key to a successful business is building what your customers will use. Join us to learn about building your MVP and customer validation.

Key objectives we’ll cover:

  • Building your Minimum Viable Product
  • Customer discovery and validation
  • Finding your support team

Sharpen your pitching skills and learn how to tailor your marketing and branding efforts to reach your customers better.

Key objectives we’ll cover:

  • Branding and marketing
  • Pitching and communicating your business purpose

By the end of START…

You’ll understand different business models, financial models and structures, and you’ll be able to identify the right model for you.

You’ll know the best practices and tools to build your MVP, and you’ll build products that meet your customers’ needs.

You’ll build an invaluable network of Black entrepreneurs from across Atlantic Canada.

You’ll be able to identify your business purpose and the problems you’re solving in the market through your Lean Canvas.

You’ll understand how to speak to your customers and tell your brand story through compelling marketing and storytelling.

You’ll discover ways to ground yourself and your business using Afrocentric principles.

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