Celebrating Black Joy and Black opportunity

King Kxndi said it best. There is so much joy and love in a room full of Black people gathered to support each other, share insight, and uplift our community.
For the past month now, the Tribe team has been on the road visiting Black entrepreneurs across Atlantic Canada to get their feedback on what challenges they’ve experienced in business and what opportunities they would like to see in this space. All the data collected throughout our roadshow will be used to inform programming for the Black Start-Up Project.
One of the most significant reflections we’ve had throughout each show is that when you bring a room of Black people together, the joy of being in a space together and the energy and momentum created by simply existing in space together is infectious. It has been magic to watch entrepreneurs form new connections and build on deep ties they already have.
The ultimate goal of our Black Start-Up Project is to support and empower Black entrepreneurs to start, build, and accelerate their businesses sustainably. Black businesses create Black wealth and opportunity. By elevating Black businesses and entrepreneurs, we create healthier, thriving communities for the generations to come.
If you’d like to participate in any of our upcoming events check out tribenetwork.ca/events!