Tribe Network welcomes Permjot Valia as an Advisor

Permjot Valia has been mentoring for over 20 years and is described as a “mentor to the mentors”.

Permjot started mentoring through Seedcamp in Europe and the United States and in 2011, launched MentorCamp, which brings together the best mentors in the world to areas like Cape Breton, PEI, Arkansas and Cape Town.

Permjot trained at MIT in their Venture Mentoring methodology and has launched and ran mentoring groups in Halifax, Sydney and Winnipeg.Permjot also has experience working with business leaders and founders in North America, Europe, Asia and Africa. An avid investor, Permjot has now invested in over 50 companies across the world and is passionate about supporting startups and regularly teaches entrepreneurship courses through Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia.

He is currently an EIR for London South Bank University, an EIR with Navigate Startup House in Cape Breton and is a Fund Manager with Flight and Partners in London and Tonic Ventures in Arkansas.

“We are incredibly lucky to have, Permjot, an experienced mentor and coach join our team as an advisor. Permjot will support us as we develop and implement various mentorship connections and activities for our community members” said Alfred Burgesson, Founder at Tribe Network.

Permjot joins Nzingha Millar, DeRico Symonds, Alexa Metallic and Justice Faith as an Advisor to Tribe Network.

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