4 ways to Harness Joy and Desire to Increase Business Revenue

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Okay y’all, I’ve been playing around with the energetics of money in a new way lately and have seen some major increases in sales revenue in my business, I’m With Periods. I’m writing this from the comfort of my bed on a lazy Sunday morning, wearing my favorite linen robe.  In the last few weeks, I left my position as a Partner at BIPOC Executive Search, and now have the opportunity to fully focus on being the CEO of I’m With Periods.  It was an absolute honour to learn from the best of BESTeam, and all of the training prepared me to take IWP’s relationship to money, business development, negotiation and revenues to the next level.

In my first few weeks as full-time CEO, I’ve been focusing on rekindling the desire, joy, and pleasure that I experienced when I first started my journey as an entrepreneur (rather than go into a deep strategy rabbithole, which is super important and fun as well!).  Do you remember the first time you came up with the idea for your business? I’m guessing it was one of those “oh yessssss” moments where the clouds parted and you heard the Universe whisper some spicy words of affirmation right into your ear about how brilliant you are.  And then came the spreadsheets, sales workshops, and fluctuating fear of failure. Let’s reignite that passion together with these four methods to use joy and desire to increase revenues in your business.

Method # 1: Notice and shift your relationship with money towards love rather than control and critique.

Many of my business and spiritual mentors have taught me to view money as an entity and/or energy who is either a partner in a long-term relationship or super on-it best friend (my latest fave is Manifestation Babe’s podcast episode on the topic). For example, I’ve been with my fiancé long enough to know that trying to control him and/or go into critical mode (e.g. can you hang you with your friends on Wednesday at 5:32 pm because it’s convenient for me?), can make us feel less like equal partners and more like we’re business partners who are trying to book a meeting room.  

When I let things flow, maintain a cheerleader mood, and am generally stoked in life, things tend to get real mirch-y (that’s spicy in my version of Hinglish hehe) real quick. I’ve been testing this out with money lately by creating an energy of desire, trusting that money will show up for me, and speaking/thinking positively towards money everytime it supports me in my day-to-day and my business. 

Method # 2: Take a morning, afternoon, or evening off and go on a date with yourself and money.

You deserve it. I see you working it out there and I’m here for you taking time for yourself to relax and enjoy everything you are building.  Schedule a romantic date with yourself and money – put it on your calendar. For me this looks like a lovely coffee in the morning, some stimulating conversation (in the form of a podcast), and a luxurious dinner on the water in the evening. Allow yourself and your nervous system to move out of logic, planning, and the ‘get it done’ vibe into one of pleasure and receiving.

Method # 3: Spend a weekend in daydream land.

I love a daydream moment. Okay, maybe an entire Sunday morning lying in bed daydreaming (basically what I was doing before I started writing this) is more like it. I’m inviting you to do the same friend. Next time you meditate, lay in bed, or go out for a leisurely stroll, allow your mind to wonder and wander. Daydream like it’s your day job. 

Visualize your inbox flooding with proposals from ideal clients, the dream house that you are saving up for, the luxury vacation you’ll go on after your next deal comes through, the date you’ll take your partner on to celebrate your business wins, the number in your bank account that you are aspiring for and more. Now take those visuals in your imagination center or ‘third eye’ (in South Asian philosophies like yoga, the third eye is an energetic center/chakra located between the eyebrows) and multiply them by 1,000,000. I want more for you. I want you to dream even bigger.

Method # 4: Connect with clients who get you feeling a little spicy

Have you ever been on a sales call where you leave feeling like, “Oh my, this is it. This is the one. I’m planning the business equivalent of our wedding and I’ve got the flower arrangements picked out already.” Take some time this week to meditate on the feeling of landing your ideal client.  By being in the energy of joy and desire you’ll draw more of those clients to you. You are magnetic.

Eeeks, I’m so excited to hear how it goes! Send me message on Instagram @imwithperiods or LinkedIn if any of the methods above resonate with you.

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About The Author

ਤਕਦੀਰ ਕੌਰ Dr. Taqdir Kaur Bhandal (or simply Taq) is the President and Founder of @imwithperiods. She is physically based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, on Mi’kmaw Treaty Territories. She was born and raised on the west coast of Canada, close to Vancouver, British Columbia. Her ancestors and family are from the Punjab region of India and Pakistan. She’s passionate about long walks in the forest with her dog and reading rom-coms in the bath.

To learn and work with her, check out her online courses, Rest & Freedom, The Upgrade, or Menstrual Cycles & Manifestation or her book, Self-Care Down There.