3 Reasons Wellness is Important for Entrepreneurs

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As entrepreneurs, our wellness plays a critical role in shaping not only our success but also our impact on the community around us. Here are three reasons why wellness should be a top priority for every business owner:

1. Being Role Models for Our Communities

People are watching our moves, y’all — Students, kids, aspiring business owners who are looking for guidance and mentorship. I’ve noticed that I have become more mindful of my wellness in the last 4 years, introducing regular walks and meditations in a summer class that I taught at Dalhousie University School of Nursing. 

For me, at this moment, wellness means prioritizing sleep (a.k.a. flipping over from side to side in front of a fan), recovery, nutrition, movement, and more. The fun part is that, as the President or CEO of your company, you have the freedom to define wellness, what it means to you as you continue to run a successful business!

2. Doing Less, Receiving More

For the collective, I’m calling in more ease and grace in entrepreneurship as a form of wellness. Personally, I’ve definitely heard stories of resilience from my dad, who is a successful business owner . He has been working in the Vancouver Real Estate industry for almost 30+ years. When he moved to Canada from Punjab, India, in the 1980s, he worked on farms, delivered pizzas, and rewound cassette tapes above a video store in Burnaby, BC (my personal favorite!). Don’t even get me started on Naniji, Nanaji, Dadaji, and Dadiji (my grandparents), or we would be here all day with me telling tales of cooking roti over clay stoves and mango trees. 

I’m manifesting for everyone who is part of the Tribe community that we get to do less and receive more (as in more money, dollars, abundance!!!) for us, our families, and our ancestors. Say it with me, “I get to do less, and receive more”.

3. Self Love and Healing Trauma

In my own journey as a sole proprietor in Canada, I notice that any trauma, limiting beliefs, trapped emotions like shame, fear, anger, and more that are lingering in my body and energetic field can show up in business. The great news is that through the internet and social media, we have access to so many therapeutic tools, energy healing modalities, and spiritual practices that allow us to uncover and cycle toward our inherent self-love.

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About The Author

ਤਕਦੀਰ ਕੌਰ Dr. Taqdir Kaur Bhandal (or simply Taq) is the President and Founder of @imwithperiods. She is physically based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, on Mi’kmaw Treaty Territories. She was born and raised on the west coast of Canada, close to Vancouver, British Columbia. Her ancestors and family are from the Punjab region of India and Pakistan. She’s passionate about long walks in the forest with her dog and reading rom-coms in the bath.

To learn and work with her, check out her online courses, Rest & Freedom, The Upgrade, or Menstrual Cycles & Manifestation or her book, Self-Care Down There.