Accelerate Black Tech (Tribe x Volta)

Join the Accelerate Black Tech Residency

Tribe and Volta are inviting Black tech founders and entrepreneurs in Atlantic Canada to sign up for a new joint accelerator program.

Gain the skills, insights, and hands-on experience you need to successfully develop prototypes, secure funding, and scale your business.

If you’re a Black tech founder ready to elevate your journey with an integrated approach to education and custom support, connect with our Programs Development & Delivery Manager, Julia Ramirez, to discuss how we can support you: 

Tribe and Volta are joining forces to foster a vibrant, inclusive ecosystem that champions diversity and innovation in Atlantic Canada. Accelerate Black Tech is designed to nurture the talents of Black founders by providing them with the tools and resources they need to thrive in the tech industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our shared vision is to provide a robust ecosystem where education and mentorship intersect, offering Black tech founders in Atlantic Canada a comprehensive platform for growth.

Founders will receive a rounded experience, drawing on Tribe’s educational framework and Volta’s tailored coaching. This dual approach ensures that founders can access knowledge and the personalized guidance needed to apply effectively within their unique business contexts.

Together, we are working towards equipping founders with the skills, insights, and hands-on experience required to successfully develop prototypes, secure funding, and scale their businesses.

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