Nzingha Millar joins Tribe Network as Advisor

Photo of Nzigha

We are excited to welcome Nzingha Millar as an advisor to the Tribe Network. Nzingha brings experience in communications and public relations strategy across non-profit, business and community development sectors, which she is ready to put into action with Tribe.

“My goal is to assist Tribe to authentically represent the voices and interests of BIPOC entrepreneurs and innovators that will shape Canada’s future. Tribe is uniquely positioned to be able to strengthen communication and collaboration between public and private sectors with BIPOC communities and to connect efforts across these lines. I am excited to join a team of advisors with the will and expertise to make this possible.” said Nzingha.

Nzingha is a graduate of Dalhousie University where she obtained a degree in International Development Studies, she also holds a degree in Journalism from the University of King’s College and a certificate in Global Leadership and Management Development from the University of the Virgin Islands.

“We are fortunate to have Nzingha join us — as an effective communicator — she will support our efforts with our membership and stakeholders. Together we will ensure that as our community grows, our members feel heard and reflected in the ways we communicate to the public. Nzignha is not only a communications expert, she is a courageous leader.” said Alfred Burgesson, Founder at Tribe Network.

Nzingha founded Courage Communications in 2019 to impart, inform and inspire by amplifying the stories of changemakers and responsible brands. She is a self-proclaimed “lover of ideas”, her philosophy is that the ideas that spark change first have to reach people for that change to happen. She specializes in helping companies and organizations reach people by creating authentic communities and communicating with a voice that builds trust, loyalty and advocacy around their brand.

Nzingha is co-founder of ACCE HFX a network of Black Professionals collectively developing the Arts, Community, Culture and Economic potential of African Nova Scotians. She was named as a Woman of Distinction by the Canadian Women’s Progress Club in 2020 and received the 2018 Community Development and Service award from the National Black Women’s Foundation of Canada.