From Startup to Breakthrough: Tribe Impact Report 2020-2023

Tribe Network releases impact report highlighting initiatives, milestones, and achievements to date

The inception of Tribe Network began with one question: What if more racialized people worldwide had the knowledge, resources, and tools to succeed as entrepreneurs and innovators?

Today, Tribe Network is a leading technology, entrepreneurship and innovation hub for racialized (ie. Black Indigenous and Persons of Colour) communities based in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Tribe Network’s activities span a wide range, from educational programs and mentorship, to access to funding, business development resources, and networking opportunities. By forming strategic partnerships, engaging with communities, and supporting research and innovation, Tribe Network is expanding its influence and impact on local and global economies. 

 The majority of Tribe members are based in Nova Scotia with entrepreneurs, students and professionals making up the membership base. The most common interests among Tribe members included: 1. Business Networking 2. Entrepreneurship 3. Career Growth 4. Professional Development 5. Technology.


Tribe’s Impact Report provides a comprehensive overview of strategic initiatives launched,  programs and activities delivered, and members engaged and supported since inception.

Impact Report Highlights:

  • Black Start-Up Project funded by the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA) is a program that supports 500+ Black entrepreneurs across Atlantic Canada, providing them support to start, build, and accelerate their businesses.

  • Tribe IDEA Fellowship funded by Emera provided 15 participants with access to peer networks, mentors and industry experts, and financial support to pursue their community-based efforts.

  • Tribe Ventures is a new equity investment fund launched to address the systemic barriers faced by racialized communities in accessing capital. The fund is raising $20M to make equity investments in founders in Atlantic Canada and beyond.

  • Tribe Huddles are free events open for anyone to join to learn with experts from various professional fields.

  • Tribe Start Small Grant Program funded by Emera, provided 82 racialized entrepreneurs across Atlantic Canada access to grant funding, mentorship, coaching and networking opportunities.

  • Over 700 program participants engaged in the network.

  • Over 100 mentors engaged to support members and program participants. 

  • Over 300 opportunities shared to members in the form of community events, jobs, mentorship and coaching, networking, and programs.

  • Over $200,000 in funding distributed directly to racialized entrepreneurs.

Quote from Leadership: Tribe Network is not your typical organization; it is an ecosystem with tools to bridge gaps by working with our team, partners and members to provide the necessary resources, connections, and opportunities to help advance racialized entrepreneurs and community leaders. – Alfred Burgesson, Founder & CEO at Tribe Network

Since our inception, Tribe Network has evolved from an idea into an ecosystem of more than 1,000 members in Canada and around the world, and over 40 ecosystem partners. Our membership includes investors, mentors, and, most importantly, ambitious entrepreneurs and community leaders. 


Racialized entrepreneurs deserve equal access to networks, opportunities, and markets. We are on a mission to advance inclusive entrepreneurship and innovation by providing our members access to relevant resources to connect, work and learn.

Tribe Network saw its membership grow beyond the borders of Canada in 2023. Some other countries recognized in its platform were the United States, the United Kingdom, India, Ghana, and Nigeria.

Dive into our 50-page Impact Report — meet our team members, board of directors, advisors, coaches and mentors, and partners — and join us as we continue to move our mission forward over the next three years.