Bright orange background with illustrative graphic of BIPOC people helping each other climb to the top of a staircase. An image of a search bar is overlaid with text that reads, "How to inclusively design mentorship spaces".

Inclusively Designing Mentorship Spaces

The struggle to march on past the point of optimal wellbeing into the territory of burnout is a common phenomenon experienced by historically excluded people. By inclusively designing mentorship spaces, we can alleviate some of the stressors Black entrepreneurs face.

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How to Change Your Career With No Experience

Whether you’re looking to switch up your 9-5 grind or take a leap into entrepreneurship, there’s no denying that making a career change is scary. If you’re seeking inspiration to help you make daring decisions in your life, then stick around.

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The First Podcast I Never Launched

After completing the 10-week program and receiving $6K in start up funds, I was ready to hit ‘publish.’ Then a big old truth bomb fell on my head: I didn’t want to make another podcast!

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A diverse group of employees stand and sit around a table having a conversation.

Why Black Owned Businesses Need a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Policy

From wage gaps to micro-aggressions, as we live and work, we observe how discrimination sneaks into our workplaces, small or big. More than ever, people are aware of how beneficial it is to offer a welcoming place for employees of all kinds, but even businesses with a majority of non-white staff can become unwelcoming places for people who are viewed as different.

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